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Garbage bags next to lamp post


EmTag Upload at 2016-10-02 21:12:10

doggie bootie


bike on graham

Chop it off!

its hard enough to survive near the BQE

Not sure of the exact location-- clean any tree on meeker around here and I will verify it!

From 311 Data 60 NORTH 1 STREET

it's on brick... so may need some grafiti removal or maybe we can paint over it.

another autumn catch basin clogged with leaves and trash

Compost the leaves and recycle what you can

Abandoned bikes

adding emrals

Graffiti , 155 FREEMAN STREET

Found using 311 data view and street view

arizona bottle and other trash near Javits center

Cleanup is contagious, Emrals is working!

arizona bottle and leaves

Recycle the bottle and compost the leaves

need to bag these bags!

Probably best to pulk up these weeds, too!

derelict on driggs

Once was white now is rusty ready to recycle and what will it be next?

litter around perimeter of playground

All around the park, a lot of plastic bottles near the basketball courts, please clean it up!

unkept building front

Who is supposed to take care of this? Can you?

double derelict

Clean it up!

6th Ave near 14th st Manhattan

Beat up bike

Remains of the clothing bins

Bring a bag, there is a bunch to cleanup

Graffiti all over building.

Please remove it

Derelict bike on metropolitan ave

Clip it

Catch basin needs cleaning

Easy cleanup.

weeds and litter in catch basin

Only need a small bag to clean this up

pet store trash on driggs brwn n10th and n 11th

Zoom in on this pic and read the dont litter sign. Ironic!!

catch basin needs cleanup